Global Business Prayer Network




Hearing the Voice of God

Do you recognize the voice of God? This workshop is designed to help you develop your spiritual hearing. Despite life’s daily distractions, you can sharpen your ability to hear God clearly. This workshop will:

  • Help you sharpen your ability to hear God
  • Position you to know what God is saying
  • Discuss the various ways God speaks to you


Using Spiritual Weapons in the Marketplace

Skillfully using your spiritual weapons as a Spirit-filled business person gives you a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Don’t be caught off guard. Learn how to use your God-given spiritual weapons to overcome unseen forces sent to hinder and stop your success.


Spiritual Transformation

Growing in spiritual maturity should be the goal of every believer. This workshop discusses the various stages of a Christian’s spiritual growth and development outlining some of the hindrances that may be blocking your spiritual transformation to being “more than a conqueror” in the marketplace.


Prayer for the Entrepreneur and Business Leader

Prayer is essential to the success of every business and marketplace leader. In this workshop, you will learn biblical principles and strategies to effectively pray for your business or organization.


Developing a Relationship with God for Business Success

Learn the real stories behind legendary entrepreneurs and business owners whose faith in God transformed industries. Attendees will receive 1) tools to build an intimate prayer life with the Lord and 2) practical strategies to gain a keener awareness of His presence in their business affairs.


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