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God’s Favor

Without God I doubted myself even after I’d made the decision to become a makeup artist; but once I started to read and trust in the Word, everything began to fall into place. With prayer and a positive outlook on life, God has placed great people in my path to pray for me, to uplift me and to patronize my business. It took five years to get to where I am today, and that wasn't a very long time.

One evening Minister Tiffany Jordan of the Joseph Business School visited the salon. She said a powerful prayer to increase my clientele and to fill my empty salon chairs. She spoke greatness over my life and my business! Since then, God has shown me favor and blessing upon blessing!

With lots of prayer and faith in the Lord, I now have a 1,300 sq. foot salon, Flawless Beauty by Nicole Salon, and it is a blessing! I have seven professionals including a hairstylist, makeup artist, massage therapist, estheticians, and an eyelash stylist.

Our clientele has doubled since stepping out on faith! I've gone from doing makeup in my living room to traveling all over Chicago and even internationally; from working out of clothing boutiques to servicing my clients in an in-home studio that my mom created for me; and from renting two salon suites to finally renting my very own full-service salon!

God's favor has allowed me to service clients with top-of-the-line beauty products and services. I love what I do for people with my services. I thank the Lord for this vision He’s given me, and how He’s guided me on this path.

Nicole I. Richardson
Salon Owner, Flawless Beauty by Nicole

Higher Source for the Christian Entrepreneur

The Prayer Network has helped me realize that there is a higher source for the Christian entrepreneur.

Business can be challenging, and I did as much as I could to prepare for the challenges of running a business; however, life does not always move in the way you would like. There are so many invisible battles that come with being an entrepreneur. Many times, when things didn’t work the way I intended, I felt disappointed and disconnected and wanted to walk away and give up.

But the Prayer Network has helped me change the way I looked at my circumstances. I now have more faith and belief in myself to continue to overcome obstacles and fears, and the prayers give me mental clarity to focus more on the bigger picture.

I don't get caught up in minor situations as much, and I see the benefit of learning from my battles rather than getting frustrated and distracted. Also, the energy from prayer helps me stay connected to the All-Knowing God and to my purpose for being in business.

The Prayer Network helps businesses learn that money isn't always the answer; sometimes it is favor and faith you need to help grow your business. I am so thankful to have Minister Tiffany and the JBS staff constantly encouraging me and helping me stay in faith.

Arlana, Allure Beauty Lounge

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