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What Have You Done Lately?

In Matthew 25:14-30, a wealthy man distributed talents (monetary resources) to his three servants and then later requested an update about how they are using their individual talents. The two servants who doubled their talents were commended and praised. The master rebuked the servant who neglected to use his talent effectively. The parable reveals that every person is responsible for producing meaningful results by using the talents they have been blessed with—both in ministry and the marketplace.

Profitable businesses and productive teams are effective when goals are clearly understood, and everyone’s focus is on delivering successful results. A mid-year checkpoint with your leadership team, department or supervisor is a fundamental, yet highly effective practice.

Incorporating these four simple steps when assessing your teams will keep your organization on track:

  • Measure:  Document the metrics that relate to your goals. Did the revenue exceed or meet the established target? Is the business generating a profit? Are the expenses above or below plan?
  • Continue:  Determine which projects should continue because they are successful.
  • Stop:  Decide on which activities to eliminate that are not producing expected results. Projects that drain time, energy and resources without producing a positive result should be put on the chopping block.
  • Start:  Identify new activities that can be initiated to capture emerging opportunities in the market or generate additional revenue. 

June is the ideal time to make a mid-year assessment of your team results as there is still adequate time to shift gears or launch new efforts. Remember that failure to measure and monitor results is a recipe for failure. Always ask for God’s wisdom to ensure long-term success!

Ivy H. Bennett, MBA, PMP

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