Global Business Prayer Network



Connecting Faith in the Marketplace

Our mission is to provide spiritual support to Christian Businesses & Marketplace Leaders Globally.

The Global Business Prayer Network is being established so that we can take the lead spiritually and dominate in the marketplace. Prayer is the force that shifts every situation to align with the expected results. We have been given authority, and through prayer we enforce our authority and allow God to intervene in our earthly affairs.

We must not just pray inside the church building. Prayer cannot just be an activity that we do in our Sunday worship services. Prayer must also be implemented throughout each of the seven mountains: Media, Entertainment, Government, Family, Education, Religion, and Business. 

Prayer is a lifestyle.  We can no longer hide our faith or be satisfied with just being religious.  Prayer is about relationship and releasing the power of the kingdom of God wherever you have been assigned. Prayer is for the CEO, the athlete, the entertainer and every working professional and nonprofessional. It engages heaven in our circumstances and releases divine assistance in any workplace, company, or industry when appropriated.  Strategies are given in prayer to solve problems on another level. This gives every believer the prophetic advantage in every situation.  

Every business deal can be settled in prayer. Prayer is how business is conducted in the kingdom, and what you have decreed in prayer will be established. The “secret weapon” for every believer is prayer, whether you’re a ministry leader or a CEO. What you do in secret, God will reward you openly (Matthew 6:6).

Isaiah 48:17 declares that “God will teach us how to profit and lead us in the way that we should go.” As leaders, we must know how to tap into the economy of heaven and command what we need and desire from the storehouse to transfer it from the spiritual realm into the natural.

When we pray the Word of God by faith, we prove that we are trusting in God and not in man or our own intellect or understanding. We prove that we are relying on God to direct our path, and LEAD us into our place of grace. God watches over His word to perform it (Jeremiah 1:12). It’s time to implement prayer and release the power of God in every meeting, board room, office space, and business, so that God can be glorified in all that we do.

Minister Tiffany K. Jordan

Prayer Network Manager

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