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Can Prayer Really Make A Difference In My Business

To most people, prayer and business are at opposite ends of the productivity and profit spectrum. We naturally associate prayer with our spiritual lives.  But when it comes to our everyday business and career affairs, we tend to limit our resources strictly to our mental capacity.

Prayer is a greater resource than capital, consultants and contacts! Why? Because prayer removes human toil and accesses God’s grace and wisdom to assist us in every area of our entrepreneurial pursuits. Prayer does not substitute for the due diligence and hard work required to make a business successful. (Some might even say laboring in the Word and in prayer [spiritual work] takes greater effort than natural work!) Prayer just connects us with God’s wisdom and power, making work more productive, fulfilling and profitable.

Let me share some real life business-related scenarios of how we have used prayer as a resource:

Property Purchase

When Dr. Winston pursued the purchase of the Forest Park Plaza mall, for months, prayer was going forth almost daily, using specific scriptures, confessing and thanking God for our mall. He mentions that at the signing of the contracts he was so “drunk in the spirit” he needed assistance to his car! There was fervent prayer taking place during the closing to ensure a smooth closing and no last minute delays.


There was a time in BWM where funds were stagnant. We went into prayer boldly and passionately, determined to get a financial breakthrough. After about 45 minutes of prayer, we got a call that a significant donation had just been received.


Many businesses begin in the home office, and space is usually limited to an extra bedroom, the basement or even a corner of a room. Our home offices are only as big as the average bedroom, so every time it looks like we have maxed out our space, we go into prayer. Spending time praying in the Spirit has always revealed better ways of arranging furniture, making room for more file cabinets, book shelves, desks, office equipment and travel bags!

Life Management

For the entrepreneur, life can get complicated trying to manage a lot of moving pieces, hoping nothing will fall through the cracks. Praying in the Spirit helps draw wisdom from God to organize our thoughts, tasks and time. Prayer helps the mind to receive wisdom from our spirit. The times where an idea just dropped in my spirit (in contrast to figuring it out with my mind) are too numerous to mention!


Luke 18:1 says men ought always to pray and not to faint. When the pressures of life come, from work, home or people, prayer pulls us away from the temptation to handle things in the flesh. Time in prayer gives us perspective, and restores that peaceful and unshakable equilibrium to address the challenges that come.

We would love to hear from you, our readers, on how prayer has helped you and your business.

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Dr. Veronica B. Winston


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