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Intercessory Prayer

This workshop is designed to teach you how to pray effectively for your personal growth and organization. You will learn the principles of prayer and biblical meditation, and gain understanding of the different types of prayer, including:

  • Prayer of Petition
  • Prayer of Agreement
  • Prayer of Praise

Learn how to effectively apply the Word of God and expect supernatural results. Ignite your faith and pray!


Hearing the Voice of God

Discernment is essential in hearing the voice of God. In this workshop you will develop your “hearing muscle” to expand your ability to hear. You will become more alert and discerning despite the daily distractions and obligations, and will learn to recognize God’s voice more clearly. This course will:

  • Help sharpen your ability to hear God
  • Position you to know what He is saying
  • Clarify your vision and strategic direction


Creating a Culture of Faith &Prayer

In this seminar, you will learn “how to” strategies for creating a God-centered workplace. Learn how to build a prayer team designed to pray for your organization and staff. Learn guidelines for establishing effective prayer groups at work, including identifying the appropriate place and time for prayer.


Building Prayer Teams

This program is designed to assist you and your team in establishing a strong team of intercessors.  In this session, participants will receive the strategies and recommended prayer tools on how to pray in unity, according to God’s Word. Participants will learn how to set prayer targets and measure the results of their prayers.


Faith-Based Organization Assessment 

In this training, participants go through a spiritual assessment of their organizations using a technique called spiritual advising.  By relying on the guidance of the Holy Spirit, who is the ultimate Counselor, the assessment is designed to identify spiritual barriers blocking the growth and profitability of an organization, and then provides insights and strategies to help you and your team move forward.


Widsom Keys

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